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Ventura Warrant Attorney

Bench and Arrest Warrant Lawyers in Ventura, California

If a warrant in your name has been issued by the court, law enforcement officers have the authority to arrest you at any time. A simple traffic stop by a police officer may result in your arrest on the spot. There are many types of warrants, the most common being a bench warrant and an arrest warrant. When you fail to obey a court order, a bench warrant is issued against you by the judge. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge who deems that evidence presented to him that you have committed a crime is credible enough to warrant your immediate arrest.

If you are facing a bench warrant or an arrest warrant in Ventura, it is advisable to contact our firm without delay. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined criminal case and courtroom experience. A lawyer at our firm can provide the legal counsel and skills needed to handle any criminal case issue in the Ventura area, including situations involving warrants. We offer a free initial consultation in which you can talk directly to one of our criminal defense attorneys about the specifics of your situation.

Warrants in Ventura

Once you discover that a bench or arrest warrant has been issued against you, the smartest action you can take is to consult with a bench warrant attorney at the firm. Ignoring the warrant or pretending it never happened won't negate the fact that you could be arrested at any time, causing humiliation, confusion, and anxiety for both you and your family. By demonstrating your willingness to handle and resolve the situation, the court may regard you more favorably and be willing to work with your attorney. Your chances for a better outcome will increase because of this. That is why it is so important to engage the services of a defense attorney at our firm in this situation.

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