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San Fernando Warrants Attorney

Bench Warrant Attorneys in San Fernando, California

A bench warrant attorney at Eisner Gorin LLP can help you if a bench warrant or arrest warrant has been issued in your name. We are also skilled with probation violation charges and warrants, as well as felony warrants and misdemeanor warrants. With our experience in this field, our knowledge, and our dedication to our clients, the skilled criminal defense lawyers at our firm are able to help clients in a number of situations related to warrants in and around San Fernando, California.

Consulting a bench warrant lawyer is the most important thing you can do if you have discovered that a warrant has been issued in your name. Rather than ignore the bench warrant or arrest warrant and attempt to go on with your life, you are likely to reach a better result if you consult an attorney and then face the warrant head on, on your own terms. Your San Fernando bench warrant lawyer can ensure that all paperwork and documentation is in order, can negotiate with the court and prosecuting attorney and can negotiate for your release on your own recognizance (without bail).

A bench warrant may be issued for a failure to appear in court, failure to pay a fine or other violation of court orders. An arrest warrant is issued when law enforcement has probable cause to believe you have committed a crime or when you have been formally accused of a crime (indicted). No matter the particular issue you are facing, with the right lawyer at your side you have the chance to reach a swift resolution – and avoid arrest.

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