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Failure to Appear in Court

A failure to appear in court is a serious violation of the law, and may result in the issuance of a bench warrant in your name. A bench warrant authorizes law enforcement to make the immediate arrest of the individual named in the warrant, which is a formal legal document.

At Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin, LLP our warrant lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with clients who have had an arrest warrant or bench warrant issued against them and who have been accused of a failure to appear in court. A skilled attorney at our firm can review your particular situation in order to determine just what you are up against and what legal action needs to be taken to protect your rights and freedom.

There are many instances where an individual may be required to appear in court, and the failure to appear for any of these is serious. Following are some examples of failure to appear violations:

  • Failure to appear in court at a scheduled appearance
  • Failure to appear for a verdict after a criminal trial
  • Failure to appear for sentencing, following a verdict or plea agreement
  • Failure to appear after the judge has ordered you to do so
  • Failure to appear after a criminal charge, when a court date has been set
  • Failure to appear following your release from custody on bail or on one’s own recognizance

Failure to Appear & Probation Violations

A failure to appear in court is also a probation violation. The terms of a person’s probation agreement will often include stipulations regarding making any and all court appearances, and if a person fails to appear he or she may face probation violation charges and therefore the potential of additional criminal penalties.

Whether you are facing probation violation charges or if a bench warrant has been issued because of a failure to appear in court, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at our firm can help. Contact us today!

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