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Failure to Comply

Los Angeles Bench Warrant Attorneys

When you have committed a criminal offense and have been convicted of that offense, the court will delineate certain terms you must meet as part of your sentencing. If you fail to meet the terms that the court has required of you, then you may be charged with a failure to comply. You are now in "contempt of court."

An example of this might be a person convicted of a crime of domestic violence. The person may be ordered by the court to take anger management classes and given a set date by which these classes must be completed. If the convicted person ignores this court order and fails to attend the mandated classes or cannot prove that he did so, then he may be charged with a failure to comply by the judge. He is now in contempt of court.

The consequences for a failure to comply may be further legal action and penalties. The person may be required to pay additional fines, be sent to jail, or have his current sentence extended.

Get Assistance from a Los Angeles Bench Warrant Attorney

If you have failed to comply with a Los Angeles court order, it is important that you seek legal assistance from a bench warrant lawyer at our firm. We can evaluate your case and provide the legal guidance you need in this situation. We can represent you before the court and negotiate with the judge and/or prosecutor on your behalf. Our goal will be to help you avoid further legal repercussions in the way of additional fines, prosecution, or longer sentencing.

Our criminal defense attorneys have focused their careers for decades on the field of criminal law and can apply their extensive experience and legal skills to your case.

Have you failed to comply with a Los Angeles court order? Contact our firm today!

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