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Los Angeles Arrest Warrant Attorney

Have you found out that an arrest warrant has been issued in your name in Los Angeles, California, you need to act quickly and consult an attorney who can help. You may wonder what an attorney can do to assist you in the face of an arrest warrant, and there are actually a number of ways that a legal professional can help resolve this situation and help you avoid arrest:

  • An attorney may be able to cancel the arrest warrant and therefore help you avoid custody altogether.
  • A knowledgeable lawyer can work to ensure that you are released on your own recognizance (without bail) if you have already been taken into custody.
  • If that is not possible, a lawyer can negotiate with the court in order to negotiate for a lower bail amount.
  • A lawyer experienced with arrest warrants in Los Angeles will understand what information and documentation is needed by the court in order to effectively and efficiently resolve this situation.

Facing any legal matter can be a frightening situation – particularly when you know that you could be arrested at any moment. Having the right attorney at your side can help bring you much-needed peace of mind as well as a swift resolution to your legal matter.

Arrest Warrants – Why You Need a Lawyer

An arrest warrant a formal, legal document which is given to law enforcement authorizing and ordering the immediate arrest of a certain individual. An arrest warrant may be issued when law enforcement has probable cause to suspect that an individual has committed a crime, or after a grand jury indictment (a formal accusation of a serious crime presented before a grand jury).

If an arrest warrant has been issued, this means that you are not only in danger of arrest but you are also in danger of facing serious criminal charges. Working with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible means that your rights and interests will be protected – resulting in a better outcome for your this particular situation.

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